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Wake up to Wellness – Coaching at Work Article

Published in Coaching at Work

“The coaching profession has a blind spot: our relationship to and integration with human health.

Wellness is not a new topic. …”

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Mindfulness should not be a sticking plaster on the real problem: Our workplaces and schools have become unbearably stressful

It is pretty astonishing really. Here we are in 2015 and meditation is the corporate and now educational cure all of workforce pacification. Now it seems we are going to roll it out to school children. I don’t think we are asking the right questions about the actual need for all this whipped up popularised non spiritual spiritual practice. We need to to ask ourselves why our workforces and children are suffering from all these anxieties and stresses that mindfulness is supposed to fix?

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Where is health in the Executive Coaching & Leadership discourse then?

“Any leadership and coaching programme that is not standing first on this ground is out of date in the context of the frontiers of behavioural science.”

I was scanning through the topics of an executive coaching conference soon to take place in New York. I was struck by the absence of individual employee health levels and projections within all the conference sessions and topics.

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Employing people in healthcare services – These are the key questions we need to ask about them

Here are is what I believe we need to be looking for in people we wish to bring into healthcare services.

Do they have the appropriate formal qualifications?
If formal qualifications are required then this is a must.

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Creativity cannot be divorced from life itself

‘The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable’ ….Robert Henri

This is a photo of Minu. She is one of three kittens we gave away some five weeks back, Minu to a family in town who live in an apartment. We were a bit apprehensive as Minu was born in our tool shed and had spent her first two months of life playing amongst the flowers in our garden.

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Goals, Gaols Goals. Most goals are pointless. Pointless because they are meaningless. There is reason for that. Beware practitioners, therapists, counsellors, coaches who ask you to talk about goals before you and they know what your actual big compelling vision for your life is. For without clear compelling vision to work towards goals are pretty much meaningless.

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To become a professional Coach requires considerable commitment. It requires study, learning, practice, reflection and a considerable amount of change of yourself.  In fact to become any kind of Coach, Executive, Business, Organisational, Life Coach asks much of the person who wishes to become skillful and proficient.
Not everyone agrees with this idea.

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