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Why motivational speakers are useful and important

It’s 3.45 a.m. I am waiting at the airport for an early flight. I am short of sleep. It’s foggy and cold, and the cafe is not yet open. The gremlins are chatty, and that old familiar life travelling companion who likes to talk about all the world’s problems has got far too much of my attention. My motivation is at a bit of a low. I think I will connect with one of my current favourite motivational speakers.

Have you noticed that motivational speakers, also called inspirational speakers, get rather a bad time from the media?

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Creativity cannot be divorced from life itself

‘The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable’ ….Robert Henri

This is a photo of Minu. She is one of three kittens we gave away some five weeks back, Minu to a family in town who live in an apartment. We were a bit apprehensive as Minu was born in our tool shed and had spent her first two months of life playing amongst the flowers in our garden.

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What Unschooling has taught me about Coaching

This talk by a 12 year old is, well, simply, inspiring. My main take away is how much I can learn from children…

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This piece was published on RSA comment. I was sitting down to write this comment piece when the phone rang. A gentleman (let’s call him John, and sorry to the John’s out there) who I think was calling from overseas tried very hard, in the opening 30 seconds of the call, to verify my name, postcode, marital status, and interest me in sorting out the problem he was certain I had with my laptop.

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