Recovery to Wellness develops through relationship with self, others, systems and Communities

The idea of relationship is woven through our existence. We describe ourselves as ‘in’ relationship with pretty, much everything. And we are. This idea of relatedness is foundational to the idea of recovery.

Unknown ObjectWhen we step into our own recovery to wellness journey we step into a place where we are seeking change, transformation, something or some things to be different. This change is self-evaluated and self-generated within the recovery and wellness coaching approach but it seems that this idea of there being a relatedness component to it is foundational.

In practising as Recovery and Wellness Coaches we join and create a space with our clients where they can consider their relatedness. First to themselves. Their self-perception of their being, their roles, their assets and liabilities, choices, their perceived successes and failures. This internal relationship is crucial to their effectiveness in bringing about their own transformation.

All of us are in relationship in some ways with others. Our close family. Our friends. These relationships determine how we navigate our recovery, how much we feel supported or unsupported in our recovery journey. Relationships with others can make a huge difference to success in moving forward and experiencing well-being and success. In working as a coach we bring attention to these relationships and how they are configured in our client’s lives so that they might choose how to embrace relationships that support them in their recovery.

When we look at the social structures around a person we see that there are also systems that they may need to engage with in order to pursue their goals. It may be enrolling in education, obtaining resources such as housing or social support. These systems have multiple interaction points, the character of which can vary considerably. Many people’s confidence to interact with and be in a proactive and productive relationship with a system or systems is directly affected by past experience, beliefs about a system and their relationship to it and their own ability to navigate their way into and through them. The quality of the relationship will determine to a large part their success in obtaining what they need.

Community is a widely used word that describes an almost infinite number of ways that groups of human being come together in common cause to collaborate, grow, enjoy themselves, solve common dilemmas and challenges, develop economically and create shared security.

Our individual relationship to these groups determine our feelings of support, belonging, recognition, social contribution and meaning. Like a relationship with an individual so a relationship with a community can be a powerful determiner of success in a recovery process. In these relationships our clients can find human companionship in ways that support their values and new path.

This principle holds the Recovery &  Wellness Coaching relationship itself within a universal ground of relationship. Relationships that our clients are experiencing, creating and choosing and it is in this universal ground that recovery, as defined by the person, takes place.